How to Get to Dublin From Dublin Airport

How to Get to Dublin From Dublin Airport

How to get from Dublin International Airport to Dublin city centre? That’s a good question. Despite there being numerous trams (Luas) and light railways (DART) in Dublin, there are none from the Airport to the centre of Dublin. So, therefore, you’ll need to take a bus, a taxi or arrange a transfer. This article will help you find the best way to get from Dublin Airport to the city.

Where Is Dublin Airport

Dublin International Airport lies approximately 6 miles (9 km) north of the centre of the city. To get there, you will need to use one of the four primary modes of transport from the city to the Airport and vice Versa.

These four main modes of transport are:

1. Public Coach (Airlink)

2. Private Coach (Aircoach)

3. Taxi

4. Private Transfer (Uber)

Taking The Airlink From Dublin Airport To City

From arrivals at Dublin Airport, make your way to the ground floor of Terminal 1. If you arrive at Terminal 2, there is a well-signposted walkway to get to T1. On the Ground Floor of Terminal 1, you will find an Airlink information desk. The Dublin Bus operated Airlink is probably the most direct route to the city centre.

The Airlink service has buses that leave every 15 to 20 minutes 24 hours a day (although this has been restricted during the pandemic). Airlink currently has two routes: 747 and 757. The journey from Dublin airport to Dublin City centre takes about 30 minutes.

What Are The Airlink Routes

The two buses take slightly different routes, with The 747 Route Terminatein at Heuston Rail Station and The 757 Route Terminating at Charlotte Way (St. Stephen’s Green)

All Airlink buses have wifi and monitors to keep an eye on the bus’ progress. If unsure, please look up the closest stop to where you are heading. Have the bus driver warn you when to get off; they are pretty good at this.

You can find out more information here.

How Long Does The Airlink Bus Journey Take From Dublin Airport To City

Although we can’t predict the Dublin traffic, the Airlink takes between 40 minutes to an hour on most days.

Depending on the Airlink bus you take, it skims the city meaning your travel time diminishes.

How Much Does An Airlink Ticket Cost

You can buy Airlink tickets online and at the Airport. When purchasing tickets online, you save €1 on the cost of your ticket.

You can buy a single ticket or a return ticket. Single tickets cost €6 while return tickets cost €11.

Tickets here


Taking The Aircoach From Dublin Airport To City

Aircoach is an express (fewer stops) private coach that connects Dublin Airport with the centre of the city, its cities suburbs and numerous other cities in Ireland.

Aircoach is a 24-hour service that leaves every 30 minutes.

Where Can I Get The Aircoach

The Aircoach stops at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. There is a sign that directs you to the bus stops. Outside the exit of the terminals, there’s an Aircoach Booth where you can purchase tickets (Look for people in Aircoach jackets). Cash and cards are accepted. If you are unsure what bus to take, these people are happy to direct you to the nearest bus stop and advice you on what line to catch.

How Long Does The Aircoach Take To Get To Dublin City Centre

The official time to get into Dublin on Aircoach is 25 minutes. This will again depend greatly on the Dublin traffic. The Aircoach goes through the port tunnel, uses bus lanes and the motorway, which greatly reduces the travel time.

How Much Does The Aircoach Cost

Aircoach is slightly more expensive than Dublins Bus’ Airlink service. However, they serve different routes. Online you can buy tickets depending on the way you are taking. A return to Dublin costs €13. Tickets online are slightly cheaper.


Getting From Dublin Airport To Dublin City on BusEarann

Bus Éireann runs a number of routes that pass and pick up at Dublin Airport. Both Terminal 1 & 2. These routes are part of the national public transport system and therefore can take an indirect route to the city centre. However, this can work in your favour if you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track or have booked an Airbnb.

You can find routes and timetables here.

How Long Does The Bus Eireann Take To Get To Dublin City Centre

This will depend on which route you take; however, it can range from 30 mins to over two hours (it’s a nice tour of the Citys Suburbs). If you have some time to kill, then it may be worth looking at the routes and seeing what you can take in.

Taking A Taxi From Dublin Airport To City

Taking a taxi from Dublin Airport to City is simple. Outside both the Terminals, next to arrivals level, you can find Taxis waiting. The Taxi rank is signposted. The Taxi rank can get quite busy with a large number of taxis waiting to pick up customers, especially when multiple flights land at once.

How Much Does A Taxi Cost From Dublin Airport To City

Taxis are not the cheapest way to get from the Airport to Dublin City Centre. You can pay between €25 to €50 for a journey between Dublin Airport and Dublin City Centre. This depends significantly on the time of day and distance of the journey. Most of the taxis take up to four passengers, which could make the journey affordable (€30/4 = €7.5 while Aircoach costs €7 per person single)

We recommend using a taxi service if you have a particular place you need to be at, have a large number of luggage items or a particular

Private Transfer From Dublin Airport To Dublin Centre

If you are not looking for the hassle of arranging busses and grabbing Taxi Cabs, you can book yourself a private transfer. Private transfers are one of the easiest ways to get into the city as everything is secured beforehand.

How To Get A Private Transfer

Many hotels offer private transfers from Dublin Airport to the hotel. However, if your hotel does not provide a private transfer, I would recommend booking a private transfer online. That way, the driver who is picking you up knows exactly where you are going, and there won’t be any hassle paying the driver.

You can ask drivers for quotes to pick the cheapest transfer from Dublin Airport to the city Here.