I want to give a picture of Dublin so complete that if the city suddenly disappeared from the earth, it could be reconstructed out of my book

— James Joyce
Quote of James Joyce


City Scape Tours Dublin Tours offers a range of fully customised tours of Dublin City and the surrounding area.

Our selected tour guides are passionate and knowledgeable and share their expert opinion on where to visit Dublin, how to find the best Irish food to sample, where to buy your souvenirs and, of course, where to find the best pints to sip at the end of the day.

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The Dublin Sights

The Dublin Sights

Dublin is Ireland’s capital and most historically significant city, having been the second city of the British Empire until Ireland’s independence in 1922. Dublin is teeming with enough art, culture, and monuments to fill multiple itineraries. Planning to see all the top attractions in Dublin can be daunting, but there’s good news…

Dublin is compact, flat and easily walkable compared to other major European cities. With the right amount of pre-planning, you can quickly start getting the ‘must-see’ attractions off your list. Every visitor to Dublin will have their unique bucket list, but in case you’re caught for time or want to start plotting your adventure straight away, we’ve drawn up a list of the classic ‘I can’t go home without seeing attractions of Dublin.

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See Dublin By Bus

There are three main Open top or Hop on hop off bus tours around Dublin.

Big Bus Tours – a 25 Stop tour route offering three ticket packages

City Sightseeing Tours – A 30 stop tour route with two ticket options

Do Dublin Tours – A 28 Stop tour with three ticket options

Dublin is a compact city with deep layers of culture and history, lined with classic pubs and cobbled streets. 

As you discover this majestic city, you will encounter numerous traces of its ancient past, as evident in the stunning cathedrals, castles and architecture seemingly around every corner.

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Getting to Dublin

Getting to Dublin

How to get from Dublin International Airport to Dublin city centre? That’s a good question. Despite numerous trams (Luas) and light railways (DART) in Dublin, there are none from the Airport to the centre of Dublin. So, therefore, you’ll need to take a bus, a taxi or arrange a transfer. This article will help you find the best way to get from Dublin Airport to the city.

You Can also find other ways travel to Ireland

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Dublin Whiskey

Since monks began to practice distillation techniques, Irish whiskey has been around for centuries—learned by observing Middle-East perfumers distilling flower and fruit essences—on beer. Before long, demand for uisce beatha, or “water of life,” grew around Ireland and Europe.
For a few centuries, Ireland had the market cornered until distillers in Scotland and England began applying advancing technology and blending to produce their products more quickly and cheaply.

Find out about the history of Irish Whiskey and its many Dublin distilleries from one of the fantastic tour guides or at the Irish Whiskey Museum.

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Dublin Whiskey
Dublin Museums 1
Dublin Museums 2
Dublin Museums 3
Dublin Museums 4

Dublin Museums

There are more than 40 museums spread across the capital, offering visitors the chance to delve deep into the Irish psyche – real or imagined – and to learn about Irish culture and history.

Explore your Irish roots at EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum. Travel back to the Viking era in Dublinia. Relive the complexities of the Easter Rising at the GPO on O’Connell St. Revel in literary brilliance at MoLI, Museum of Literature Ireland or sample a dram of whiskey at

The Irish Whiskey Museum. Dublin’s museums are filled with thrilling treasures from Bronze Age gold to priceless international art.

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Glasnevin Cemetry

Ireland’s most important national memorial, Glasnevin Cemetery, is attached to the Botanic Gardens.

The main entrance is west on Finglas Road, but there is a somewhat hidden entrance from the Botanic Gardens.

From just inside the main entrance, turn left and walk about a minute along the boundary to this “secret” gate.

This burial ground resulted from Daniel O’Connell’s cries in the British Parliament for fair treatment of Irish Catholics. Before O’Connell’s push, there were no cemeteries where priests could legally perform Catholic rites before burial.

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Glasnevin Cemetry
Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse

Located in the heart of Dublin’s St James’s Gate Brewery, Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s number one tourist attraction. Since opening in November 2000, Guinness Storehouse has attracted over 4 million visitors from around the globe.

A visit to the Guinness Storehouse is a must for any tourist, and no trip would be complete without taking in the incredible 360-degree view of Dublin city from atop the Gravity bar as you enjoy a complimentary pint of the Black Stuff.

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Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol has a place in the heart of modern Irish history and has held some of the most famous political and military leaders in Irish history, such as Robert Emmet, Charles Stewart Parnell, the 1916 Rising leaders and Eamon de Valera.

From when it opened in 1796 to when it closed in 1924, the leaders of 5 Irish rebellions between 1798 and 1916 were detained and, in some cases, executed in gaol.

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Kilmainham Gaol
The Best Time to Visit Dublin

The Best Time to Visit Dublin

Emerald Isle is the other name of the beautiful heavenly country of Ireland, which indicates the all-year-round green, sufficient rainfall and mild climate here.

You can travel to Ireland nearly any time of the year as the climate here is quite pleasant and mild most of the time due to the surrounding seas and oceans. Ireland waits for you with romantic castles, stunning seaside resort towns, and a handful of attractive World Heritage Sites.

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Parks, Gardens & Estates Of Dublin

Dublin is no concrete jungle like many other modern European cities: it’s dotted with open spaces where you can stretch your legs, get some fresh air and soak up nature.

Dublin City has 13 Flagship Parks, 59 Community Grade 1 Parks and 228 Community Grade 2 Parks. There is bound to be a special place to chill out for everyone.

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Parks, Gardens & Estates Of Dublin
Heuston Station

Heuston Station

Dublin Heuston, commonly called Heuston Station, is one of Ireland’s main railway stations serving the south, southwest and west. It is operated by the national railway operator, Iarnród Éireann (Irish rail). Dublin Heuston station opened on 4 August 1846 as the terminus and headquarters of the Great Southern and Western Railway. It was initially called Kingsbridge Station after the nearby Kings Bridge over the River Liffey.