The traditional art of storytelling in Ireland was a calling fulfilled by The Seanachai. Their accounts of tales derived from a variety of sources; events that had taken place, tales passed down through the generations, and sometimes telling of mysterious, seemingly other worldly incidents said to have occurred in the dead of night.

The art has largely been in decline for many decades, but has enjoyed a small but dedicated resurgence in recent times and CityScape is proud to have specifically trained storytellers on all our tours, to share with you the in depth, fascinating and often little known aspects of our capital city.

Meet our Storytellers

Each of Cityscape Storytellers went through an intensive recruitment process and come from a variety of backgrounds such as archaeology, thatching, acting, music, historians, sport, journalism and much more. All the Storytellers have one thing in common, a proven love and appreciation for Dublin City, heritage and culture.